My Escape to Cambodia

While in Bangkok, I spent hours aimlessly reading blog posts and recommendations from different websites trying to get the best advice for my journey. It’s great to have so much advice and so many recommendations readily available via the interweb, but it was also very overwhelming. I’m pretty sure I read every single blog about southeast Asia. Every website had different ideas about how to explore southeast Asia and after a week of exploring these options, I was even more confused than before!


 Taking a break from all the blog reading to take a selfie…there’s always time for a selfie. Lol 

I really tried to find peace and comfort in Bangkok, but I have come to realize that it’s just not for me right now. I just couldn’t do it. The noise, the heat, and how crowded it was made me feel like I couldn’t breath! I thought I could manage to stay the full ten days, but after seven nights in my hostel near Siam road, I woke up to someone banging on the metal stairs with what sounded like a hammer. OMG…I had to get out of there!

I had no plans at all. But screw plans! I came here to be free for once in my life, so why did I just spend a week trying to make a plan?! What did I really WANT to do? Cambodia!! I wanted to be by a beach so I can relax for a moment and I’ve heard great things about Cambodian beaches. So I looked up the time for the next train to Cambodia. The train was scheduled to leave in 2 hours, so I packed up my bag, checked out of my hostel three days early, and ran out of there…with no plans.


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