Learning How to Be a Backpacker in Bangkok

After struggling in the city during my first week, I did some research and attempted to be a true backpacker. I tried to walk around the city and just attempt to build routines. I got up in the morning and walked to get street food for breakfast along with the locals who were getting breakfast on their way to work. I would typically grab some bread from one stand and some protein, like eggs or chicken from another stand. It was usually too hot for me to have beef or pork soup, which is what I really wanted and the stands looked a little intimidating to me for some reason.


Waffle Hot Dogs

I spent my days going to the local markets and taking the local transportation to the malls where I could sit and people watch and just spend some quality alone time away from my hostel. This was still a bit of a challenge for me because of the packed subways and streets but I did my best to try and relax and enjoy the sights and try and find some peace somewhere.



Coconut Ice Cream 



Watching as they set up the night market. 


Shrimp Spring Rolls and Pho


Tom Yum Soup


Beef Noodle Soup


Enjoying a Singha beer while doing some research. 

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